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It was cold and wet the day a 14 year old boy, hunting with his beloved grandfather, found an abandoned infant girl thrown over a barbed-wire fence into the briars and underbrush alongside a desolate Richmond, Indiana road. Wrapped in a towel, discarded like trash and hidden deeply in the weeds, she was left to suffer an agonizing death. This defenseless creation of a loving God was sentenced to die like so many others are today, not for crimes or deformity, but for convenience. 

During a lengthy hospital recovery, this beautiful baby girl was given the name Roseann Wayne. As quickly as he had found her, Dave Hickman felt he had lost “his little girl,” perhaps forever. He could not see her, touch her or hold her. Upon her adoption, she vanished into the fabric of life, shrouded in secrecy. The name she was given by the authorities was all Dave would ever know about her. His quest to find her again would be a decades- long pursuit, an emotional and spiritual endeavor.